Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stars of the Court

In the current weekly game I'm in, we're constructing a court of 108 Stars to stand against the end of all things. And if you Google "108 Stars", or know of that reference, yes the game is inspired by Suikoden and many other stories.

The main point of this post: to list the first batch of star positions!

  1. Soverign Star
  2. Star of Preservation
  3. Star of Remembrance
  4. Invincible Star
  5. Star of Judgement
  6. Faceless Star
  7. Restless Star
  8. Star of Eight
  9. Prodigal Star
  10. Star of Brilliance
  11. Star of Omens
  12. Star of Miracles
  13. Dragon Star
  14. Star of Craggadon
  15. Star of Moments
  16. Opportune Star
  17. Craven Star
  18. Star of Bitterness
  19. Hidden Star
  20. Reckless Star
  21. Star of Thrones
  22. Star of Swords
  23. Star of Slayers
  24. Watchful Star
  25. Star of Scorpions
  26. Star of Grace
  27. Wasting Star
  28. Humbled Star
More next time.

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