Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fading Suns: The War In the Heavens Series

"Ever since the Vau gave
humanity its first setback
among the stars, their
space has been shut to
prying eyes. For a brief
moment, however, it has
opened - long enough for
the most daring to catch
a glimpse. But the daring
need as much wisdom
as courage, for encounters
with the Vau teach that
things are not always
what they seem.
"The first in an epic trilogy,
Lifeweb details the Symbiots,
explaining for the first time
who and what they are,
from their beginnings on the
wilderness world of Chernobog
to their modern starfaring empire,
carving worlds from human space.
Also included is an adventure
pitting player characters against
Symbiots, with the fate of
the Empire at stake."
The setting of the Fading Suns RPG is filled with mysteries and secrets and paramount among them (aside from the "why are the suns fading" question) is the War in the Heavens between the Annunaki -- the ancient ones who built the jumpgates.

When this series of sourcebooks came out years ago, I was excited not only because it seemed to provide more information on the more enigmatic alien elements, but also because it seemed to suggest hints at the old War in the Heavens or perhaps a new one in the works.

Sadly, the next book in the series didn't materialize -- the one on the Annunaki. But the new information on the shape-shifting Symbiots and the Vau Mandarins was very welcome.

But maybe the relaunch of the Fading Suns franchise with the 3rd Edition of the Fading Suns rulebook will resurrect that sourcebook series.

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