Saturday, July 16, 2011

Enigmundia: Checklist for Kinda-Christian Religion

Awesome Orthodox representation of
the nine orders of angels.
The Thyatian Empire of Enigmundia has an official religion. I'm trying to put together enough elements of it to make it workable in a gaming world (adventurer priests) but still feel like the monotheistic religion it's based on. So here's my current checklist of things that this religion needs:
  1. rationale for adventurer priests
  2. rationale for usage of the cross (not crucifix) as a holy symbol
  3. detailed explanation of how the sacrifice of the Prince of the Cross saved / saves the world and its believers -- current working idea is that, by his continuous sacrifice, the world (Midgard) is walled off from direct interference from entities of the higher and lower realms
  4. rationale for the clerical spells (sacraments, blessings from angels, appeals to saints, spiritual authority, genuine miracles and gifts)
  5. hierarchy of the choirs of angels
  6. the role of high elves and high dwarves
  7. the role of elves, halflings, and dwarves
  8. the church's view of other sentient races
  9. the church's view of chimerical creatures
  10. the church's view of pagan religions and their clerical abilities
  11. the church's stance on magic (official system)
  12. the church's stance on magic (other systems)
  13. the church's hierarchy (central authority, religious orders, lay personnel, believers)
  14. the church's most prominent saints
  15. why doesn't the church just set up an assembly line of healing?
  16. what's the real reason the clerics can't use edged weaponry?

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