Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On the Radar: DC Adventures -- Heroes and Villains Vol. I

Interestingly, at around the time that we expect to see the Flashpoint versions of reality along with the new batch of #1s from DC Comics coming out, we see a new DC Adventures book come from Green Ronin.

Those of you following at home may remember Green Ronin's approach to this particular property was to build 'iconic' versions of the heroes and villains, while steering clear of any very specific backstory (i.e. ridiculously convoluted continuity). With the recent revelations from DC Comics themselves, one wonders if they were given some prior knowledge of the move, or if they just hit upon a sound decision by coincidence.

I, of course, love the DC and Marvel Universes. Not sure if I'll drop money on this one, but Green Ronin has been coming up with quality stuff for DC so color me interested. Also, the blurb says that you'd be getting characters A through K, so don't look for Wonder Woman or Zatanna in this volume.

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