Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fading Suns: More New Blog Posts

In the April 23, 2011 post of the Fading Suns blog "The Reborn Sun", we are treated to a summary of the content and changes that we can expect regarding the Starships of this 3rd edition of the ruleset.

First and foremost, we learn that the wargame set in the Fading Suns universe titled A Call to Arms: Noble Armada is in fact NOT built to overlap with this ruleset -- two different rulesets by two different game developers.

Next, we learn that ship reactors constitute a larger part of ship combat and operations than in prior editions. I assume energy allocation and "running the reactor hotter" will be dynamics that will be explored in this type of mechanic.

And from Fading Suns 1st Edition, the idea of a limited number of jumps for a ship before it needs an overhaul is brought back (primarily to enhance the Age of Sail feel, though I'm sure that stopping a ship from zooming about the Known Worlds limited only by jumpgate keys was another consideration).

Lastly some modifications have been made to make sure that building ships are easier (from a meta-perspective) and allowing for some degree of uniqueness in ship design.

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  1. Good to hear about this stuff! Been a while since I played FS.

  2. You and me both. :)

    But it does give me hope for the 3rd Edition!


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