Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Life in a Franchise?

My fascination with the Babylon 5 TV series and the subsequent RPGs has led me to rue the disappearance of the game from Mongoose's stable. That and the fact that there is no new material in TV or in print to sustain the interest.

But a recent article from may hold some faint hope. A report on a one-man panel by J. Michael Straczynski we hear:

"“I said to Warner Bros. a while back, 'When you’re ready to do something real with 'Babylon 5,' either a big-budget film or a TV show, if you want to do one of those two things, call me, otherwise don’t bother me.' About a month ago the phone rang. I don’t know where this is gonna go yet, but when they call you, there’s something going on. I can’t tell you what it is yet and it may not go anywhere, but there is movement in the tall grass.” When asked later, Straczynski said no new “Babylon 5” comics were in the works."

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