Saturday, March 27, 2010

Piecemeal History of Gaming #2

Well, there's an interesting site that I must recommend: Greg Stafford's Chaosium Page. What's this page about? Here's what he says it's about:
Chaosium, Inc. is one of my proudest accomplishments. 
Chaosium was one of the original companies for the Hobby Game Industry, and was famous for its innovative and professionally produced product. 
I founded it in 1975 and ran it, as president, from then until 1998. 
Here is a collection of articles, reminiscences and other stories about my time there.
It's not complete, but it's got a bunch of interesting articles. Here are the most interesting to me:
  • Founding of Chaosium [link]
  • All about RuneQuest, especially three separate articles by Greg Stafford, Ray Turney and Steve Perrin [link]
  • How Call of Cthulhu came to be [link]
  • The Histories of the Chaosium RPGs [link]

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