Saturday, March 27, 2010

Piecemeal History of Gaming #1

I keep running into great resources on the behind-the-DM's-screen, back-in-my-day, secret history of RPGs, but in short, though not always bite-size pieces.

Here's the first set of links in my attempt to collect them all.

Various Links
  • James Maliszewski's excellent series of 'retrospectives' on his blog [link]
  • Jeff Grubb's "Secret Origin" of TSR's Marvel Super-heroes RPG [link]
  • Jeff Grubb's Secret History of the Forgotten Realms [link]
  • An thread with newsclippings showing how the D&D/Satanism hoopla played out back in the 70s and 80s [link]
  • All eighteen (18) articles from Shannon Appelcline's "A Brief History of Game" [link]
From Escapist Magazine
  • An article on D&D and its relatively recent Old School Renaissance [link]
  • A Brief History of Champions and the HERO System [link]
  • An article on non-Tolkien fiction that inspired D&D [link]
  • An article on Larry DiTillo -- the guy who wrote Masks of Nyarlathotep [link]
  • An article on Steve Long -- the man behind the rebirth of HERO games [link]
  • An article on Marc Miller -- the man behind the first successful science fiction RPG: Traveller [link]

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